Real Butterflies in Bell Jar

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Real Butterfly Dome - Butterflies in Bell Jar

This listing is a real butterfly or butterflies in a glass bell jar style dome with wood base. You will receive one glass dome with black wood base, containing one or two butterflies, pinned and mounted and secured onto the wood base of their bell jar. We offer 3 sizes of domes with a color selections:

Large - Blue or Light Green
8.5x5.5 inch Blue Morpho Pair in Dome
8.5x5.5 inch Green Luna Moth Pair in Dome (Light Green)

Medium - Orange or Dark Green
7x4 inch Orange Monarch Butterfly Pair Dome
7x4 inch Green Madagascar Sunset Moth Dome (Iridescent Green with Orange and Black)

Small Red or Purple
4x3 inch Red Glider Butterfly in Dome
4x3 inch Purple Graphium Weiskei Butterfly in Dome

All our insects are legally obtained and have been cleared by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We purchase them already deceased, after they die of natural causes (butterflies have an average life span of only two weeks). We do not sell any threatened species, or those listed the Endangered Species Act. Our insects come from breeders and insect farms, both local and some located in some of the most exotic tropical and subtropical regions on earth (depending on where the specific butterfly is native to). Insect farming provides income for indigenous peoples, eliminates the burden on wild caught species/does not effect wild populations, and promotes the maintenance and care of natural environments rather than its exploitation, as is sometimes the case with agricultural businesses.

Ships USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance. Local pickup option available in Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222. Use checkout code LOCALPICKUP. Thank you for checking out our shop and for supporting small businesses and independent artists.